Sabikii's Red DragonEdit

The Sabikii's Red Dragon is a large weapon that is roughly-shaped like a dragon's head with a large bolt representing it's tongue. When the fire key is pressed, it will release a large arrow that explodes when it hits something. The arrow fired by the Dragon is powerful enough to kill any enemy in one shot if it makes a direct impact. It is essentially a Rocket Launcher in medieval clothes.

It is likely that the Dragon evolved into the final's Ballista; they both fire a powerful arrow that has splash damage, though the Ballista is not explosive.

The name “Sabikiis” appears in Daikatana concept art for a sorcerer that did not appear in the final version. It is very possible that the Dragon was supposed to be obtained from Sabikii(s) at one time, but was scrapped and repurposed into the Ballista when he was removed.                        


The red dragon as it appears in the beta.