Ripgun Era: 2030
Ammo Reserves: 300
Weapon Type: Hitscan
Damage Per Shot: 16
Self Damage: No



Ripgun Ammo

The Ripgun is a weapon available in era 2030.

The Ripgun is a rapid-fire minigun that chews through ammo quickly. It can cause significant damage, however, there is a small spin up animation before any shots are fired, as the minigun is revved up.

Glitches Edit

The ammo name for the Ripgun is referred to as slugs - the same name as the ammo for the Slugger. This is because the Ripgun and Slugger changed names during development. This is fixed in the 1.3 patch. The ammo is renamed rip-ups.

The sounds for firing the Ripgun may loop sometimes, or sound after you have completed firing during multiplayer matches. This may be a byproduct of bad connection.