Nharre Era: 560
Occupation: Necromancer, controlling King Gharroth
Enemy Type: Boss


Nharre, also known as Nharre the Necromancer, is a boss in era 560. He resides in a crypt, and will drop the Nharre's Nightmare upon defeat. He is one of the three magicians, and their leader. He led King Gharroth into a fit of despair and rage, letting the plague rage on in 560, and the magicians reign supreme.


Nharre resides deep in his crypt, and will attack the player once he approaches his area. Nharre teleports to random spots in his area, and will spawn rats, zombies, and bats to attack the player. He will also use his demon to attack the player occasionally. Upon death, he will drop the Nharre's Nightmare, and an exit to the level will open, and a Shard of the Purifier will be found there.

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