Eras are different time periods that Hiro Miyamoto travels to over the course of his quest to save the Daikatana and defeat the evil Kage Mishima.

Each era presents different challenges, obstacles, worlds, weapons and health and armor, as well as friends and foes.

There are four playable eras:

  • 1200 B.C, Athens, Greece - Filled with dangerous mystical creatures and powerful Greek gods, and packed with powerful ancient weapons from the ingenuity of the Greeks.
  • 560 A.D, Norway - A town torn apart by plague and famine, ravaged by the living dead, and abundant with powerful magical items, and dangerous weapons of dark magic.
  • 2030 C.E, San Francisco, United States - Plunged into martial law and in constant gang wars, San Francisco is the place to find dangerous weapons and armed foes.
  • 2455 C.E, Kyoto, Japan - a dark future in which Kage Mishima controls the future, and the Mutagenic Marburg-Pox Filovirus runs rampant. The future is full of futuristic technology and cutting-edge weapons.

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