Bolter Era: 560
Ammo Reserve: 150
Weapon Type: Projectile
Damage Per Shot: 40
Self Damage: No

The Bolter


Bolter ammo

The Bolter is a weapon available in era 560.

The bolter is a crossbow that fires arrow projectiles. Upon hitting a surface, the bolt will stick to the wall. This is just cosmetic.

Pre-Alpha Edit

The pre-alpha Bolter was called Crossbow. It has a different model than the final game's bolter. It is a full-sized crossbow, while the bolter is pistol-sized. The crossbow fires two bolts at simultaneously, while the final game's bolter can only fire one bolt at a time. The arrows are affected by gravity and will curve much faster downwards when fired in water, unlike the Bolter, which just has projectiles fly in the direction the player is facing.


The Crossbow